Trouble Free To TBO

Guaranteed performance

Pratt & Whitney Promise logoIn 1997, we developed a unique process for all of our R985 and R1340 overhauled cylinders. Involving more than 100 person-hours of labour for a set of cylinders, TFTBO™, or Trouble Free To TBO, is the most comprehensive R985 and R1340 maintenance process in the world, ensuring maximum protection against head and barrel leakage and/or separation.

Cylinders are given new life by paying close attention to the thread and barrel interface and the interference fit between them. A rigid visual, liquid penetrant and ultrasonic inspection for cracks enables us to identify the cylinders at risk of having head and barrel leakage or separation issues.

Cylinder interfaces that pass these rigorous inspections are then dimensionally inspected. Following this, an approved rework brings the fit back to factory specifications. This unique process has resulted in less than 0.5% warranty claims in more than 7,000 cylinders.

At Aero Recip we’re so confident in TFTBO that we stand behind our cylinder work with an unprecedented warranty against head and barrel leakage and/or separation that lasts to your engine TBO.*

Trouble Free To TBO Brochure