Quality Control

At Aero Recip, our primary goal is excellence when it comes to piston engine overhaul and repair. Through continuous improvement and teamwork, we’re proud to bring outstanding results. Our Quality Control Team, comprised of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, ensures that all overhauls and repairs exceed the highest industry standards throughout each step of the process.  For each engine, we conduct an in-depth final inspection, ensuring that it’s built to your exact specifications before reviewing its paperwork and preparing your engine’s logbook.

1. Receive Engine and Log Book
Shop floor

  • Mount Engine
  •  Take several photos to confirm all components and accessories received with the engine core
  • Confirm that log book matches serial number on data plate
  • Document all accessories and corresponding serial numbers

2. Create Work Order

  • Tracks engine throughout the overhaul or repair process
  • Custom specifications are documented
  • Raise accessory tags with corresponding serial numbers for traceability

3. Disassemble and Clean 

  • Each engine is dismantled and cleaned individually while maintaining traceability

4. NDT (Non-destructive testing)

  • Inspect all parts and accessories for cracks in both steel and aluminum
  • Aero Recip holds a Transport Canada Rating in Magnetic Particle Inspection and in Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Each inspector is CGSB Level 2 rated, which mandates almost 1000 hours of training, a greater standard than our US counterparts are required to meet

5. Detailed Inspection

  • Our shop certified inspectors conduct a dimensional and visual inspection to determine the serviceability of the part
  • Ensure engine parts meet OEM’s specifications
  • Review of AD’s and service publications completed

6. Reworks

  • All parts that fail to meet OEM specifications are either reworked using approved processes or they are replaced with new or serviceable parts
  • Aero Recip holds numerous Repair Design Approvals that are unique to the company

7. Welding

  • Our AMO certificate allows welding of engine parts and components
  • Cylinder repair and overhaul capabilities on P&W, Continental and Lycomings.

8. Paint

  • Custom paint colors offered
  • Engine parts are painted prior to assembly

9. Final Assembly

  • All critical inspection points are thoroughly inspected by at least two technicians for quality control purposes
  • Engine is inspected and prepared for tests

10. Engine Test

  • Engine is tested on the Dyno Test Cell
  • Depending on engine model, engines are run from 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Extended test runs are optional

11. Final Inspection

  • Engine paper work is reviewed and Log Book is prepared
  • A final inspection is done by quality control
  • A thorough review is conducted to ensure compliance of customer specifications
  • Photos of completed engine are taken




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