Dyno Test Cell

In 2004, Aero Recip raised the industry standard for test cell technology by building a state of the art Dyno Test Cell in our 31,800 square foot Winnipeg, Canada facility.

The only one of its kind in North America, our Dyno Test Cell allows Aero Recip to test and begin break-in of both horizontally opposed and radial engines. The Dyno Test Cell is a more reliable and accurate way to test engines than the conventional Test club approach.

better initial break-in

The Dynamometer is essentially a water brake. Increasing water flow to the Dyno provides greater resistance and more load on the engine. Aero Recip’s experts can adjust and ensure appropriate load at each power setting, control the engine’s cylinder head temperature and other parameters and seat piston rings more quickly by applying consistent loads and temperatures, resulting in better initial engine break-in.

We guarantee that our Dyno Certified Engines perform to OEM specs. The computerized Dyno Test Cell gives our experts the ability to hit OEM test points exactly to accurately measure your engine’s performance, guaranteeing your engine performs to its maximum potential.

Dyno Test Brochure