P&W R985 Training Session to be Held at Manitoba Aviation Symposium March 2018


Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 800.561.5544

Aero Recip To Partner with Associations – Celebrating 30 Years In Business

Winnipeg, Canada – Aero Recip, Canada’s largest piston aircraft engine overhaul facility, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Manitoba Aviation Council (MAC) and Central AME Association (CAMEA) for Aero Recip’s next P&W R985 training session to be help during the 2018 Manitoba Aviation Symposium.

According to Aero Recip General Manager, Tracey Gregorash, the company is looking forward to bringing the session home. “This is our fourth session and the first in Winnipeg. Sessions went really well in Vancouver, Anchorage and Ketchikan, Alaska. The demand for this training is there.”

The Winnipeg P&W training session will be held on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at CanadInns Destination Centre Polo Park. As space is limited, participants must reserve a seat with Tracey Gregorash at 800.561.5544 or [email protected] “We’re really excited to work with these associations. This partnership enables us to offer the session at no charge for people who have registered for the symposium.”

Training is a multi-media, two-way exchange between Aero Recip and session attendees. Aero Recip focuses on P&W R985 engine theory and maintenance. The session is accompanied by an operational cutaway-engine training-aid and references to real world experiences. According to Aero Recip PRM Ron Despins, “Each participant receives an R985 Technical Theory & Maintenance Certificate, which features 8 hours of training, and a session handout highlighted by PowerPoint presentation slides with excerpts from the P&W R985 Overhaul Manual. Participants use the handout for future reference. It’s a valuable tool.”

When the session wraps up at around 4:00pm, the company will host a celebration for 30 years in business – Gregorash Style. Drinks, appies and cake will be provided in the same room as the session. For Alvin Gregorash, Aero Recip’s founder and President, the company continues to find success because of its commitment to quality, and just as importantly, to the non-measurable factors involved in building a business. “Aero Recip is and always will be about service. People buy from people is our tag line for a reason. We build relationships. We maintain them. All because we know that service is more than just talking about service. It’s about being there when our customers need us, 24-7.”

Aero Recip has proudly been earning the trust of the aviation community for 30 years. We take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients and suppliers who have helped us touch down at this significant milestone.


Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Gregorash Aviation company. Gregorash Aviation is a family of five brands focused on aviation piston engines, parts and supplies based in Winnipeg, Canada.