P&W R985 Training Session in Ketchikan, Alaska Shows Solid Local Support


Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 800.561.5544

Recently Approved FAA IA Refresher Session Increases Aviation Community Knowledge

Winnipeg, Canada – Aero Recip, Canada’s largest piston aircraft engine overhaul facility, hosted a Pratt & Whitney training session in Ketchikan, Alaska on October 4th, 2017 to a strong showing with local Beaver aircraft owners and operators. According to Aero Recip General Manager Tracey Gregorash, the training session was a good starting point to build relationships in Ketchikan. “We want to demonstrate to the Ketchikan community that we’re in it for the long haul. We want to earn their trust and build confidence so they know we’ll be there for them. We believe it’s beneficial for Beaver operators to increase their knowledge of tried and tested R985 maintenance practices. It results in more awareness for everyone.”

Gregorash was pleased at how well received Aero Recip’s TFTBO process was with session participants. Historically, cylinder head and barrel separation and/or leakage have been a common problem with these engines. Operators were interested to learn that Aero Recip stands behind its overhaul process with a warranty to TBO. For more information, including a video on our Transport Canada approved process.

As Aero Recip looks to its future in Ketchikan, the company’s experienced technicians will continue sharing their knowledge about P&W maintenance practices. The next session is scheduled for March 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada in conjunction with a celebration of 30 years in business. For Aero Recip founder and President Alvin Gregorash, the final decision to choose Aero Recip is more than quality. “Service is what matters to people. Relationships matter to people. Being there when it counts because at the end of the day, people buy from people.”

For details, contact Tracey Gregorash at 800.561.5544 or [email protected]


Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Gregorash Aviation company. Gregorash Aviation is a family of five brands focused on aviation piston engines, parts and supplies based in Winnipeg, Canada.