Oil Coolers


New models available from Aero Classic including Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beach, de Havilland.


Various models overhauled in-house including Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beach, de Havilland, and Bell Helicopters.


Options are available for various models in stock for exchange. 

Ultimate Oil Coolers is your trusted supplier of overhauled and repaired oil coolers for various makes and models of piston and turbine fixed wing and rotary aircraft.  We also have stock on hand for exchange coolers to reduce lead times.

Direct service from our experienced hands-on technicians is the standard.  Overhauls and repairs are done with the greatest care to ensure Transport Canada Guidelines are met.

The Ultimate Flush

Our on-site automated flush system, called The Ultimate Flush, features a unique combination of repeated air and solvent flow to remove stubborn contaminants from your oil cooler regardless of how long it takes, which could be hours, days, or weeks.  Progress updates are available.

We are also the exclusive Canadian distributor for Aero Classics, which manufactures new PMA oil coolers for general aviation.  This includes new PMA oil coolers for the de Havilland Beaver aircraft, which replace the old brass and aluminum options.

Coolers are included with all Aero Recip overhauled Continental engines and are available for Aero Recip overhauled Lycoming engines.  Different options are available.


During the past few years, it’s no secret that the supply chain has created some unique challenges for everyone in the aviation industry. Luckily for us we have Aero Recip as a true member of our team. We’ve been impacted minimally as they work diligently to keep lead times short as possible. I can’t recommend working with Aero Recip highly enough.

— Stephen Meyers, Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

When we were ferrying a 206 from Key West Florida to Northern Alaska and we had to do an unexpected engine change in Missouri, Aero-recip was the only engine overhauler that came back to us with a can-do attitude. They not only had a can-do attitude for our AOG, but they delivered as advertised. Their engine came on schedule, was perfectly put together and their customer service couldn’t have been better. When the shipping company fumbled the delivery, Aerorecip was right there with us sorting it out. As a commercial operator this kind of service is priceless. In 25 years of business, we have almost always bought factory overhauled Continentals, but Aero-recip has changed that. We will be ordering all our continentals from Aerorecip.

— Dirk Nickisch & Danielle Tirrell, Coyote Air LLC

We arrived last week with the aircraft from the lower 48. Engine ran great the whole way home and is such a smooth running engine.I forgot to put the Magnetos in the crate when we shipped the engine, so I will get you some sent down. Please see what we wrote before and feel free to use any or all of it. Thank you again to everyone at Aero Recip for helping us out when we really needed it.

— Dirk Nickisch & Danielle Tirrell, Coyote Air LLC

We purchased an engine from AeroRecip Canada in May. The entire process was great, from the quote, to Dave getting all the information for import to the USA well in advance of shipping. Tracey was amazing when we ran into an issue with FedEx once the engine was shipped. Highly recommend AeroRecip Canada if you are looking to purchase an airplane engine.

— Marlie Johnson, Kenai Float Plane Services, Kenai, AK

Your engine ran flawlessly. We recognize that this engine costs a premium in this situation. But to take it out of the crate and install without a hitch allowed us to gain some economy back. My team was able to leave Anchorage and literally return back in 27 hours.

— Bill Starr, Owner, Alaska Air Service

Our latest build (550N) was fantastic. It was obvious that someone took great care in disassembly for pictures and parts control. The sourcing of needed parts keps us on track. The painting and prepping of the installed items is a work of art. Please express my thanks to the team.

— Bill Starr, Owner, Alaska Air Service

I was very satisfied with the recent overhaul of my Continental IO-470L engine. I received great advice from the management team and was given a reasonable quote. It was apparent that the staff took great pride in their work and produced high-quality workmanship.

— Michael Rocke, Private Owner, Beechcraft Baron 95-B55

The engine has been running great! I’m at about 150 hrs on the engine now, and could not be happier. We made three separate trips around the western US last year, and expect to do the same this year. Temps are always good, oil change & oil analysis every 25–randin30 hours, seems to settle in at 9 to 9.5 qts for most of that time so I rarely have to add any. It is completely trouble free!.

— Tim Cashin, Private Owner, Beechcraft Debonair

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The O-320-B2B engine build you did took much less time than I expected. The engine was set up to my specs. Now it’s running better and smoother than my old engine ever did.

— Joey Smith, Owner, Seward Air Taxi

For 20+ years the dedication to quality and service has been unsurpassed. Aero Recip keeps you flying.

— Karl Braun, Airframe Innovations Inc., Fairbanks AK

“The IO-520-D engine we received from you last year for one of our C-185 aircraft has been doing great! I accomplished the first oil change at 10 hours and everything looked great. The installation and setup was a breeze and I didn’t have to deal with any oil leaks so I was really happy about that. The pilots report that its a strong smooth running engine.”

— Larry Kiana, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Alaska Wing

“Excellence is defined as ‘The quality of being outstanding, or extremely good.’ Corporate culture is defined by ‘Vision, Values, Practices and People.’ The Aero Recip family combines excellence and culture to create a product second to none. There are few companies in the world that not only care for their customers as they do, but their employees as well. And they also build great engines.”

— Joseph Hovelman, Aviation Operations Manager, Verisk

“I personally wanted to take this opportunity to promote and thank you and your staff for providing engine overhauls of extremely high quality for our Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 aircraft, utilizing Continental IO-470L engine. Your attention to detail, competitive pricing and fully trained staff, has ensured Perimeter that we would be satisfied with the result of receiving a high quality engine overhaul. I also appreciated the fact that all the work sent, was estimated prior to the job commencing, as well as a tear down report being provided as needed. We had used the Continental engine factory in the past, but with Aero Recip being local and in Canada; this has saved us money on engine shipping costs and US exchange rates. I would be happy to recommend your engine shop services to anyone who is looking for this type of work.”

— Brad Winchar, VP Maintenance / PRM, Perimeter Aviation LP

“Corilair began doing business with Aero Recip several years ago, when we found our supplier of R985 engines had closed its doors. Since that first purchase, we have had the pleasure to discover service, product support and backing unsurpassed by any component supplier we have ever dealt with in the past. Since that first purchase, we now purchase all engines, both Pratt and Continental and their components, wherever possible, through Aero Recip Canada. I endorse not only the quality of their products, but also Aero Recip’s excellent product support and service.”

— Mike Farrell, President, Corilair

“I am proud to say all 29 chieftains are up and flying fine. By the way – our chieftains have the best dispatch reliability in the company. Better than all the rest of the fleets. Ameriflight’s match with Aero Recip means you and my ‘old pro style’ has been a winning combination. Nobody can match what we have accomplished. Looking forward to another good year!”

— Doug Chandler, Director of Maintenance, Ameriflight, Burbank CA

“Aviation is about trust. Aero Recip has been overhauling engines for us since we started operating Diamond Aircraft in 2001. They’ve never let us down. We trust Aero Recip.”

— Bill Welsh, President, Diamond Flight Centre, London, ON

“Pacific Coastal Airlines has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd. and our fleet of Beaver and Goose aircraft use their Pratt & Whitney R985 engines exclusively. We approached them to provide radial engine training for our maintenance personnel in Port Hardy B.C. Aero Recip provided two technical personnel for a one-day training session at our facility. The session was well prepared and definitely pertinent to our day-to-day operations. Their willingness to come to us with customized training is just another example of their personalized customer service and knowledgeable staff. Thanks Aero Recip!”

— Trevor Adams, Director of Maintenance, Pacific Coastal Airlines

“I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much I appreciated the hospitality I received while your shop worked on the engine from our Navajo. It was greatly appreciated, and also nice to meet all the great people that work for Aero Recip. From the nice hotel to the restaurants, I was grateful for your hospitality. The service we received regarding the tear down, re-assembly and the preparation for the trip back to Bismarck was outstanding and made our down time minimal.”

— Scott Yantzer, Executive Air Taxi, Corp, Bismarck, North Dakota

“If you’re looking for a quality radial engine look no further. I’ve been behind a countless number of radials my whole life and Aero Recip engines are by far the best. I can run a 9-hour day and burn less than a quart of oil. Plus these guys will stand behind their engines with their 1,000-hour jug warranty. It’s the best deal on the market to date. Thanks Aero Recip for a quality engine.”

— Josh Dickson, Dickson Aerial Spraying, Plains, Kansas

“Having experienced first hand the outstanding service that Aero Recip and their staff show in the dedication to quality and craftsmanship regarding their overhaul facility. We appreciate the professionalism of your employees and the fact that your company stands behind their product. It is with pleasure we recognize your high quality operation.”

— Dave Beaushene, Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts




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