Get Ready…Get Set… Get Peace of Mind

Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 204.788-4765

Get Ready…Get Set…
Get Peace of Mind

Winnipeg, Canada – Aero Recip wants to help.

As companies try to determine how to meet today’s challenges, the Winnipeg based family-owned business is doing what it can to help customers manage cash flow in today’s unpredictable market. “There’s a lot of conflicting news coming at us right now, some bad, some good, so to keep our heads clear, we focus on what we know,” says Tracey Gregorash. “The economy is starting to re-open and our customers are excited to get going. We’re doing our best to give a little peace of mind to them by making sure an engine is there when they’re ready get back at it.”

Aero Recip is offering to hold a stock engine, or build one as required in exchange for a 15% deposit to ensure there is no delay once it’s go time. A cash incentive against related purchases is also being offered for items such as oil, spark plugs, accessories, oil coolers, and more. “We care about our customers,” says Gregorash. “These are our friends. We want to help. We’re excited to see them once we get to the other side of this thing.”

For details, call Tracey or Dave. For Quebec, call JP.
We want to help: 1.800.561.5544

Limited time offer. Some conditions apply.


Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Canadian family-owned company and the largest piston engine aircraft overhaul facility in Canada. Working out of our 31,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg, Aero Recip specializes in engines & accessories, engine parts, and oil coolers: