Aviation Company Launches Interactive News and Entertainment Portal

Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager at 204.772.0800
Aviation Company Launches Interactive News and Entertainment Portal
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Winnipeg, Manitoba – On the heels of its “Year of the Tour” campaign, highlighted by a 20th anniversary celebration in three western cities including Winnipeg and Calgary, Canada and Anchorage, Alaska, Gregorash Aviation is pleased to announce the release of its interactive news and entertainment portal, available on its web site.

The portal provides the means for aviation enthusiasts to access the latest in aviation based stories, news and knowledge. The interactive nature of the portal enables customers to share their stories with industry peers by submitting them for publication on the portal. Gregorash selects stories to include them in Media Releases, upcoming editions of TAKEOFF, the company’s quarterly newsletter, and THE TECH TIMES, the company’s tutorial publication. Contributing individuals and their businesses are credited for newsworthy ideas and stories.

The portal also provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy free entertainment by downloading a true story loosely based on the development of Gregorash as a North American leader in aviation engines, parts and supplies. The story, called Sky Scrapin’, is conveyed through a Tri-media entertainment package that includes a cover story, three video stories, and a soundtrack.

Currently available on the portal is the Gregorash cover story, the soundtrack and the first of three video stories. The second of three video stories was released today with the third and final scheduled some time before the contest ends. According to company President Alvin Gregorash, “The second Video Story has an Alaska theme to it. We’re also going to launch a web cam on top of our Anchorage office to show non-Alaskans what that part of the world looks like. It’s really beautiful and people will appreciate it. We’ll let you know about the third in a short while.”

As an added incentive to check out the portal and register, Gregorash has created a contest that will see one lucky winner take home a 42” HDTV. The contest winner will be announced on Friday, August 15th, 2008.

The portal is broadcast in conjunction with the OZZ media network, a news and entertainment portal that provides a forum to interact with industry colleagues. OZZ is currently on assignment with Gregorash Aviation to share what goes on behind the scenes with the aviation leader. According to Gregorash, “We wanted to share with people our story which is really a lot like our customer’s stories. We all struggle to make it work, and we all have good people who help us get there. The story is about people because people buy from people.”

Gregorash Aviation is an umbrella brand that brings together a family of products and services focused on aviation engines, parts and supplies. Gregorash Aviation is Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd., Airparts Network Ltd., Ultimate Oil Coolers, Cantherm Distributors, Dyno Power Xperimental, and Aero Recip Alaska LLC.

To arrange interviews, contact Tracey Gregorash, General Manager at 204.772.0800




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