Anchorage, Alaska P&W R985 Training Session

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15th, 2016
Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 204.772.0800
Successful Knowledge Transfer Lays Foundation For Continued Expansion

Winnipeg, Canada – Originally scheduled as a one-day training session for regional R985 engine operators & technicians, the organizer of an Anchorage, Alaska training session, Aero Recip Canada Ltd., was faced with a decision to meet high demand by expanding to a two-day format. According to Aero Recip’s Tracey Gregorash. “Regional operators and technicians from all over Alaska just kept committing. We even added a few students from the University of Anchorage. There wasn’t much debate. We knew that two one-day sessions would align better with its intimate format. In the end, we hosted 58 people over two days.”

Facilitated by Aero Recip Technical Advisor Wayne Cathers, training is a multi-media, two-way exchange between Aero Recip and session attendees, with Cathers focusing on P&W R985 engine theory and maintenance accompanied with real world experiences. Each participant receives an R985 Technical Theory & Maintenance Certificate, and a session handout featuring each PowerPoint presentation slide with excerpts from the P&W R985 Overhaul Manual. At the end of each day, the mood shifts from training to an industry mixer for drinks, appetizers and few friendly jokes between pilots and mechanics.

After the session was held in Anchorage, Aero Recip applied for these sessions to be accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, future training sessions will be eligible for credit toward Airworthiness Inspector Refreshers. For Gregorash, recognition by the FAA, coupled with the success in Anchorage and a recent session held in Vancouver, Canada, bodes well for the future. “With each session, we teach and we learn. People from the field share P&W techniques that ultimately make us better at what we do. We’re planning more of these sessions as well as incorporating a component geared towards pilots. In the end supporters of the P&W R985 are all better off. “

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