Aero Recip Training Sessions in Anchorage, Alaska – Limited Capacity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 5th, 2023

Aero Recip Training Sessions in Anchorage, Alaska – Limited Capacity
Streaming A Bridge Between Experienced Industry And New Generations Of Engineers and Pilots

Winnipeg, Canada – Tracey Gregorash has an obligation to the aviation industry and she’s doing everything she can to fulfil it.  The experienced General Manager of Canada’s largest piston engine overhaul and repair facility is looking forward to the company’s training event in Anchorage, Alaska.  Two one-day sessions for audiences seeking to enhance their radial and opposed piston engine knowledge will be held on November 9th and 10th, 2023.

For Gregorash, these sessions are a big leap forward, expanding in more ways than one.  Opposed engine training is being offered for the first time in Alaska, and unlike previous events, perspectives from the field are being shared in segments specific to both engine types.  “We’ve asked Harbour Air Seaplane’s VP of Maintenance Shawn Braiden to share insights on operating procedures during the radial session.  We’ve also asked Travis Depcinski, Chief Pilot for Warbelow’s Air Ventures to share thoughts from his point of view in the opposed session.  We feel these additions add different perspectives and a depth of knowledge to promote learning and engage discussion.”

Aero Recip is also expanding its outreach activities, asking piston engine audiences if they have anything to add to the curriculum.  “We bring years of knowledge to each session, which feature proven techniques to make life easier for people operating in the piston engine aviation world.  Running Cutaway Engines at our in-person sessions make it hands on.  But this time around, we’re expanding our effort to ask people in advance about the challenges they’re facing in the field so we can add it to our curriculum.  We’ll do our best to share the results at our upcoming sessions with both in-person attendees and through online streaming.”

For Gregorash, her sense of obligation comes from looking into the future, as well as the past.  “Aero Recip has been around for over thirty-five years, but when you compare that to piston engine technology, it’s really humbling.  We’re talking hundreds of years.  We’re talking about endurance.  And even after all the changes our world has experienced, piston engine technology is still with us.  As a member of the industry, we want to carry this tradition into the future too.  New generations of talent can learn just the same as experienced industry.  We have an obligation to share with both.”

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Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Canadian family-owned company and the largest piston engine aircraft overhaul and repair facility in Canada. Working out of our 33,300 square foot facility in Winnipeg, Aero Recip specializes in engine overhauls, engines parts, and oil coolers.  At Aero Recip our promise of quality, service, and respect applies to every customer relationship. 

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