AERO RECIP Canada to Celebrate 30 Years in Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 12, 2017
Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 800.561.5544

Winnipeg, Canada – Aero Recip Canada Ltd, one of Canada’s largest piston aircraft engine overhaul facilities, is pleased to announce that it will soon celebrate 30 years in business. An event will be held in Winnipeg in conjunction with the Manitoba Aviation Symposium in March of 2018 to commemorate its humble launch in March of 1988.

Aero Recip was the creation of Alvin Gregorash, a former Standard Aero employee and Independent Parts broker who saw opportunity where others saw a declining segment of the aviation industry. After Standard Aero decided to focus exclusively on turbine engines, Gregorash purchased the assets of its piston division and the rest is history. For a complete overview of our story, visit the following link.

Details regarding this celebration are to follow. For more information in the meantime, please contact Tracey Gregorash at 800.561.5544 or [email protected]


Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Gregorash Aviation company. Gregorash Aviation is a family of five brands focused on aviation piston engines, parts and supplies based in Winnipeg, Canada: