Our Partners

We view our customers as partners. Success in their business is success in ours. We also work with industry associations to aid in our mission to keep piston engine aircraft in the sky.

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Brent Handy is a high-performance solo-aerobatic and formation pilot who makes entertains aviation enthusiasts at air shows across North America.

Alvin and Tracey Gregorash recently formed a sponsor partnership with Handy. Look for the Aero Recip logo on the side of Brent’s Classic red and white Pitts S2-B at the next air show. For schedule times, check out Brent’s web site at www.brenthandy.com

The Goose Hangar is a flight instruction company like no other in the world. We offer flight training and ratings in our Grumman Goose “N703” and operate out of Anchorage, Alaska, flying into destinations that offer unsurpassed beauty-while giving you a once in a lifetime training experience.