$8,000 Raised for Alaska Aviation Museum at AERO RECIP 17th BBQ

Contact: Tracey Gregorash, General Manager – t. 800.561.5544
Grumman Goose Makes Splash – Aero Recip Continues To Support Alaska Aviation Community

Winnipeg, Canada – Aero Recip Canada Ltd., one of Canada’s largest piston aircraft engine overhaul facilities and parts suppliers, is pleased to announce that it raised over $8,000 for the Alaska Aviation Museum at its 17th Annual BBQ in Anchorage, Alaska. The event raises funds for aviation heritage each year, and this year, it featured a unique showcase by a local flight instruction company, Goose Hangar. According to Aero Recip General Manager Tracey Gregorash, this year’s BBQ was both charitable and entertaining. “Without the support of our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to host this event each year and raise this money for the Museum. It’s promotes the industry and it’s a lot of fun. John and Burke from Goose Hanger put on a show with a “splash and go” and then landed their seaplane before driving onto the Museum ramp along the shoreline. It was a really unique thing to see.”

Twenty-seven sponsors contributed to the Museum donation at Aero Recip’s 17th Annual BBQ:

A.E.R.O. Alaska, Acorn Welding, Aerospace Welding, Aircraft Specialties Services, CJ Aviation, Canadian Aero Accessories Ltd., Concorde Battery, Continental Motors, Inc, David Clark Company, Electroair, Gill Battery, Hartwig Fuel Cells, Hutchinson, Kelly Aerospace, Kenmore Air, Lear Chemical Research Corp., Northland Aviation Services, Phillips 66, Precision Airmotive, Ski’s Aircraft Services, Superior Air Parts, Tanis Aircraft Products, Tempest, Wattum Air Service, Wipaire, Inc., Whelen Engineering, White Wings Aircraft Services

While the owners of Goose Hangar share aviation knowledge with seaplane enthusiasts in their Grumman Goose N703, Aero Recip continues to do the same for Beaver operators through its Pratt & Whitney R985 training sessions, recently confirming a session in Ketchikan, Alaska. “After a successful session in Anchorage, we’ll host one for operators in the Ketchikan area this October 4th. Stay tuned for details.”

Call 800.561.5544 to for more information on Aero Recip and our Ketchikan training session.


Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Gregorash Aviation company. Gregorash Aviation is a family of five brands focused on aviation piston engines, parts and supplies based in Winnipeg, Canada.