Quality Engines and
Accessory Overhauls

Aero Recip is the largest piston engine overhaul shop in Canada. Located in the centre of North America, with 31,800 square feet and the largest core-pool in the country, quick turnaround is the standard.

Since 1988, our experienced technicians and industry specialists have consistently delivered quality, service and respect. At Aero Recip, we believe that people buy from people and that is why the majority of our business is driven by ongoing relationships.

Aero Recip Canada is a Gregorash Aviation company, an association that assures every Aero Recip customer efficient access to a wide range of aviation products and services.

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1.800.561.5544 t: 204.788.4765
f: 204.786.2775 info@aerorecip.com

Aero Recip Canada Ltd. is a Gregorash Aviation Company.
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